Basco RF Cautery Rf- B2 Basco 2 Mhz RF Cautery


Basco RF Cautery Rf- B2 Basco 2 Mhz RF Cautery

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Brand : Bosco

Max Output : : 150 W

Weight :4Kg

Aesthetic And Restorative Surgery:-The Technique of Radio Surgery involves the passage of high frequency radio waves (2MHz) through soft tissue to cut, coagulate, or remove the tissue. Soft tissue resistance to these radio waves causes the cellular water in the soft tissue to heat, which produces steam, and results in cellular molecular dissolution of individual tissue cells. The surgeon uses a handpiece with an active electrode (different types of electrode for different applications) to transmit the radio waves. The radio waves are focused on the tissue by an antenna plate (Patient plate) that is positioned behind the tissue in contact with patient’s skin. Radio frequency is not to be confused with electro-surgery machine (surgical diathermy) or spark gap circuitry unit (electro- cautery) and uses completely new technique compared with scalpel surgery and other techniques and Radio energy does the cutting very light. The process involves the use of a very high frequency (VHF) Radio wave, 0.5 – 2 MHz, and fine needle or wire loop electrode held by the surgeon; Radio energy is passed between this curtery electrode and patient plate. It is concentrated at the needle end or wire loop electrode, resulting in the release of energy, which produces steam within the cells, thus vaporizing them and dividing the tissues.SPECIAL FEATURES:-Radio Surgery cutting current can be more versatile than a laser for smoothing and finishing skin wounds or revising scars after skin cancer surgery. Radio frequency current technology that will help Physicians/Surgeons to fine tune the repair of surgical defects is a new application that will help surgeons make the best use of their investment in the instrument.Patient satisfaction with this technique is very high because radio surgery causes less bleeding than conventional surgery, allowing the post operative skin defects to be more easily camouflaged.Eye lid surgery:Excellent results have ben obtained removing sedorrheic keratoses from the upper eye lid and there are many papers describing blepharplasty and simar papers.